Love Live! School idol festival  FAQ

During the Rhythmic Carnival, I got a message saying, "Your connection was temporarily lost. The Live Show will end." What does that mean?

Rhythmic Carnivals have a function which lets you and other players send and receive Assist Skills. This requires the game to constantly send and receive data, so if your connection is interrupted for a set amount of time the Live Show will end as well as spend one of your music notes.

Even if there is no issue with your connection speed, if it cuts out then the Live Show will be forced to end. Please make sure your connection is stable before playing. Following the steps below may improve your connection.

- Play somewhere with a good connection.
- Use a different network (such as switching from Wi-Fi to 4G or vice versa).
- Check that there is no limit on your connection or data usage.
- Do not switch to your device's Home screen or any other apps while playing.

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