Love Live! School idol festival  FAQ

How do I unlink my game and SIF ID accounts?

Follow the steps below to unlink your game account from an SIF ID.

1.Log in to the game linked to the SIF ID account.
2.From the top-right of the game screen, tap Menu > Settings > Account, and then tap "Unlink" next to SIF ID.
3.Log in to the SIF ID account. If you are logged into an SIF ID account separate from the one you wish to unlink from your game data, then please tap Account Management > Log Out.
4.On the screen which displays "You are logged in as (your name or email address)", tap "Link with App".
5.You will automatically be returned to the game.
6.Tap "OK!" when you are shown the message, "Game data unlinked successfully."

Note that if you are unable to unlink your account after following the steps above, that your game may be linked to a different SIF ID account.

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