Love Live! School idol festival  FAQ

The game says that there is no data registered to my SIF ID. Why is this?

When the SIF ID you have entered is not linked to your current game data, you will receive a pop-up stating that there is no Love Live! School Idol Festival data registered to your SIF ID. It is possible that your game data is registered to an SIF ID under a different e-mail address, so please try logging in with any other accounts you may have created. 

Once you are logged in to the SIF ID website (, you can see what game data your account is linked to by tapping "List of Linked Apps".

If your issues are not resolved after following the steps above, we may be able to provide support to recover data or unlink your SIF ID if we are able to verify your identity. Please send in your support application after checking the details under "Requests to recover data / unlink SIF ID".

*Please take a moment to fill out the survey, thank you.