Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team  FAQ

I lost connection and lost the game.

If a Online Match is disrupted due to disconnection, by design the player who disconnected will be considered to have lost the match.

Tweaking some game settings and checking your network connection may help to stabilize your gaming environment. Please see below for some things you could try.

- Restart the game.
- Restart your device.
- Close other apps running simultaneously.
- Clear your browser history and cache.
- Make sure your internet connection is stable.
- Try connecting to the internet via a different method. For example, if you are connected via 4G or 5G, try connecting via Wi-Fi (or vice-versa).
- Toggle Airplane Mode on and then off.
- (Android only) Ensure that “Developer options” are turned off.
- Go to Home > Other > Settings > General and set graphic quality to "Very Energy Saving."
- Tap the cogwheel icon in the bottom right of the Title screen and then tap “Repair” to reload your game data. (This will download and re-install the entire game data. Please make sure that you have good network connection before performing this action.)

* Running other apps or inbuilt programs simultaneously may put undue stress on your device’s memory.
* Active security software may affect game performance.
* The game cannot be played on rooted Android devices.
* If you are also experiencing connection issues when using other apps, please contact your internet provider as this issue may be with your internet connection.

*Please take a moment to fill out the survey, thank you.