Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team  FAQ

How do I transfer data to another device?

You can synchronize your game data by doing the following.

To access Sync Data:
- From the Title Screen, tap Sync and then select the service you wish to sync to.

- From the Home Screen, tap Menu > Sync Data > and then select the service you wish to sync to.

- Sync to any of the following accounts: KLab ID/Facebook/Google Play/Game Center/Sign in with Apple.

*Google Play is not available on devices without Google Mobile Services (GMS).

*Only devices using iOS13 or later can use "Sign in with Apple."
*To sync to another OS, only your "KLab ID" or "Facebook" can be used.

To transfer your game data to a new device:
1. Install the game on the new device.

2. Boot the game, then on the Title screen, tap the cogwheel icon > Sync.

3. Select the service your data is synched to.
4. Follow the pop-up messages to sync the data.
*Please make sure you are syncing with the ID you intend to sync to your new device.

If the above does not resolve your game data issue, please contact us through Data Recovery Request.

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