Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team  FAQ

How do I perform a Limit Release?

Follow these steps to perform a Limit Release

1. Go to the Home > Players and then tap "Limit Release."
2. Tap the player you wish to perform a Limit Release for.
3. Tap the "+" under Limit Release Materials and select the players and items to be used, then tap "OK."
4. Tap "Begin Limit Release" at the bottom right of the screen.

The following items are required to perform a Limit Release:

- The UR player you wish to perform a Limit Release for
- Coins
- Any of the following:

• Specialty items. Each item releases one level. There are two types of specialty items: items for players with the same name, and items for identical players.
• Players with the same name, nickname, type, and Main Special Skill as the target player. At least one level is released per identical player, limited to one level if the fodder player has a Limit Release value of 0.
• Transfer-exclusive players with same name as the base player. The number of Limit Release levels depends on the Limit Release level of the player used as fodder material (see table below). Consuming one Manabu Okawa item grants one level of Limit Release.

Fodder Character Limit Release Level Characters Needed Base Character Limit Release Level
0 – 2 4 +1
3 1 +1
4 1 +2

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